History and Reason to Choose

Lemi is an Italian company that offers innovative and customized equipment solutions to the Beauty & Spa, Medical and Chiropody sectors, combining excellence of certified quality with the maximum customer service guarantees.

Reasons to Choose Lemi :

  1. A vast wealth of knowledge, creativity and cutting-edge solutions place technology and innovation at the service of comfort, functionality and design, to offer operators and public the best possible experience of use.

  2. Carefully selected raw materials, attention to detail and a production cycle that is 100% Made in Italy ensure the creation of superior quality products that benefit from a 10-year warranty and the exclusive Lemi Lifetime Assistance.

  3. Complete professional support, maximum flexibility and tailor-made solutions all combine to provide customized solutions to functional, aesthetic and service requirements. Lemi guides every customer from the design right through to after-sales assistance.


Product Line

Beauty & Spa line