Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze


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Cod. 184
The Sea Breeze comes complete with a headrest with a face-hole and an adjustable arm support in order to ensure complete relaxation, even for longer lasting treatments. The unit features an electric height adjustment mechanism with an IP66 water proof motor, a stainless steel frame and a water-repellent mattress, which is available in over 50 colours in order to satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements in terms of aesthetics and design. When combined with Vichy shower, the Sea Breeze extends and completes the already comprehensive range Spa solutions offered by LEMI.

• 1 motor (height) IP65
• White laminate carter
• Flat mattress
• Roller headrest
• Hanset control

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Structure 10: years
Motors and controls: 2 years
Undeformable foam: 5 years