….KS Aqua Group is the holding company which is incorporated and registered British Virgin Islands(BVI) is the formation of (i) KS Aqua Engineering Company Limited; (ii) Qianhai KS Aqua (Shenzhen) Engineering Company Limited; and (iii) Aqua Property Services Limited, It is a distributor of integrated solutions based on “health management and smart life” which is committed to improving people’s standard and quality of life through valuable innovation and technology.

Base on the Brand positioning of “Adding Value to Your Space”, KS Aqua Group built a complete smart life industry with “Engineering in Wellness & Spa”, “Aqua Water System” and ”Innovation for Property Management”. .. 帝雅集團由工商帝雅水療工程有限公司、前海帝雅(深圳)工程有限公司、雅管家服務有限公司三大主體組成,並由普盛資本有限公司全資投資並於2010年開始投資佈局。是一間以“健康管理+智慧生活”為核心的整體去解決方案的供應商,致力於通過有價值的創新和科技改善人們的生活品質。基於“智慧生活幻想家”的品牌定位,帝雅以“雅健康·水療康體”、“雅家居·智慧水機”、“雅創客·智慧物管”三為一體構建完整的智慧生活產業鏈。….



Engineering in Wellness & Spa

….KS Aqua Engineering Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2014, with a history of 30 years of business history at Kueng Shueng International Group Limited (工商國際集團有限公司). The KS Aqua Group is a new departure for the: Engineering in Wellness & Spa” culture, which will be the world’s top luxury sauna. The spa culture is introduced into China, leading the people to enter the European and American spa culture.

In the 1970s, Kueng Shueng International Group Limited has been focusing on the world’s top sanitary ware facilities for the clients, integrating the concept of wellness and spa into bathroom products, and is a pioneer and leader in the leisure and recreational field in China.

KS Aqua Engineering Company Limited is now the largest provider of spa wellness solutions in Hong Kong, it provides multiple services, including design, equipment supply, engineering construction, maintenance, and cooperative operations.

KS Aqua Engineering Company Limited is the authorized distributors TYLO, Sundance, Acrilan, Stenal etc., and won the award of “Hong Kong SME Innovation Award” in 2015. .. 工商帝雅水療工程有限公司於2014年在香港設立,承傳工商國際集團有限公司30年的企業歷史,工商帝雅全新出發,旨意將“雅健康·水療康體”文化傳承,將世界頂級奢華桑拿衛浴的水療文化引入中國,引領國人進入歐美時尚之水療文化。集團於70年代開始已專注為客人搜羅世界各地頂尖的衛浴水療設備,將水療康體的概念融入衛浴產品,是中國康體消閒領域的先驅及領導者。集團現已是香港最大的水療康體方案提供商,服務包括提供場所設計、設備供應、工程營造、維修保養、合作運營等“交鑰匙”服務。目前工商帝雅擁有TYLO, Sundance, Acrilan, Stenal等代理品牌,並於2014年獲得“香港中小型企業創新獎”。

帝雅烙守“設計創價值、創新贏尊嚴、智慧勝未來”的品牌精神,以 “雅健康、雅創客、雅管家”三大支柱產業,發展成為國際性以投資帶動產業的綜合性集團控股公司。….


Clean Water Technology

Aquawater is part of KS Aqua Group is the premium online (B2B/B2C) store for Water Filtration System which apply in full-house, spa and swimming pool, commercial use in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. We deliver high quality water filtration products by Pentek (logo). All products we select have been measured against international standards (NSF certification award - logo) and custom tailored to the Hong Kong and China markets.


Property Management Technology

KS Aqua Property Service Limited is app development company which targeting on Effective Solutions specialize in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) design and system security in the property management marketing in Hong Kong and PRC.