KS Aqua was established in early 2014, taking over the KS International Group.It continues to focus on providing the worldclass bath&spa equipment. KS Aqua is a premium spa, bath and sauna product distributor based in Hong Kong. We help packaging only the best in-class products for our customers and offering one-stop service including spa, bath and sauna equipment supply, maintenance and repair service. In additions, it has given us a reputation as one of the absolute best companies when it comes to committed customer service and professional results in guarantee of good quality and high customer satisfaction. We take great pride in providing an absolutely stress free experience for your bath, spa and sauna needs. 2017, KS Aqua incorporate a Qianhai KS Aqua Company located in Shenzhen to serive the valuable clients which focus on doing the Tylo trading and after-sale service. KS Aqua has cooperated with more exclusive agents such as American Jason and Italy Stenal in the early 2014 in order to provide a wider variety of customer-oriented products for customers.In the future,Ks Aqua will continue to give our support to work with our partners so as to create a unique style with high quality of life.








We have a dream,
One day, busy people can take a break and enjoy the bathing moment with their beloved ones.
One day, people can directly consume natural tap water.
One day, people can manage their property through applications., and makes everything possible.
And we are here to bring new wonders and joy to the world.


We are adding value to your space.
We are building a path which contains Wellness and Spa, Aqua water System, and the easy management of a property. 

We always have the dream in mind, acting as an adventurer.
Walking on a path that no ones have passed before, the path that brings value to you.


Dream, let us turn impossible miracles into possible - “every small family can own a big world”.
Home is where the dreams are; KS Aqua is where the home is.
KS Aqua is built by dreams, and for the future.