Our History

Year 1977

In1977, it was the first time visit Tylo factory  in Sweden and Kung Sheung became the exclusive distributor for Tylo in Hong Kong & PPC that year.

In 1978, KS constructed 1st commercial sauna in the whole of PRC in Dongfang Hotel,Guanhzhou.

In 1983,it got the exclusive distributorship for Hong Kong agreement signed by GryL. Hill,JWB President. Strongly established Jacuzzi as a premium brand, aggressive marketing activities spending over USD3.5miliiion till now peaking up at mid-80’s and mid-90’s when both economies were in feverish boom. Since then, KS operates its own retail showroom in Hong Kong for over 30 years at Lockhart Road, which is the hub for building suppliers in the territory.

The 2000s

In 2000s, combined with bathroom, sauna, steam and spa experience, KS International Group did a number of large domestic projects, including the Oriental Plaza in Beijing Grand Hyatt Symphony's first indoor rainforest canopy pool in 2007.In 2008, it completed Park Hyatt Hotel Spa Whirlpool.

In March 2014, in order to have a better development in the future, KS International Group sold the branch of sauna and spa to a domestic capital investment company to newly establish a new company -KS Aqua Engineering Company Limited.

Now & the Future

In the future, KS Aqua will put more efforts and focus on developing the local Hong Kong market for both home and commercial users. For the next step, KS Aqua is looking forwards to expand its business in China market with the help of great business network and effective management.

Recently, Ks Aqua is one of the members of Powell Capital Limited Company.