Spa Dream 2in1

Spa Dream 2in1


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Featuring a color therapy mechanism with 7 alternating or selectable colors, the Spa Dream 2in1 is height-adjustable. The sand version is comprised of spherical quartz, which envelops the body when heated in order to create a total sense of inner relaxation. Combined with the particular grain size of the sand itself, the sea-like “dry heat” provides for exceptional comfort, thus resulting in a perfect massage support. As an alternative, the heated water mattress is comprised of 10 separate cushions, in order to keep the water evenly distributed. This results in an extremely stable and comfortable surface for both the customer and the practitioner alike, thus allowing for the performance of any type of massage, even the most vigorous and localized.

• Height adjustment
• Color therapy
• Heating
• Pillow with face hole
• Water version with 8 water cushions
• Quartz version with sferical quartz sand

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2 years