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Cod. 159
With its eye-catching and extremely functional design, the innovative VERSUS Spa table is the perfect solution for the cutting-edge SPAs and Wellness centers of today. The Versus distinguishes itself by its "multi-room" functionality, ideal for facials, body treatments and massages, as well as by its highly competitive price. The standard model comes equipped with three electric motors for adjusting the height, the backrest and the seat bottom, and even features the new HBS system to ensure optimal ergonomics for the Head, Back and Shoulders, thus ensuring maximum comfort for both the patient and the operator.

• 3 motors (height, back and legs)
• Foot pedal control
• Mattress width 74 cm and thickness 12 cm
• Mattress with HBS system (integrated adjustable armrests
and headrest with face hole)

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Structure 10 years
Motors and controls: 2 years
Undeformable foam: 5 years
Heating 1 year