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Cod. 146 1M - Cod. 149 3M - Cod. 136 4M
Multi-function examination table/chair that boasts exceptionally refined finishes. It’s internal structure and mechanisms are entirely enclosed by a distinctive ABS casing in order to protect the user during movements. The base, backrest and tilt mechanism can be individually adjusted using the button panel and/or pedal controls, thus ensuring optimal ergonomic conditions for the practitioner, as well as maximum comfort and ease of access for the customer. 

• Anatomic Bi-Zak mattress withour stiches
• Flat armrests
• 3 motors
• Syncronized back and leg movement
• Foot pedal control

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Structure 10 years
Motors and controls 2 years
Undeformable foam 5 years
Heating 1 year