Aquaveda Therapy Table

Aquaveda Therapy Table


When it comes to top-quality spa equipment, the Aquaveda therapy bed is distinct, due to its multi-functional range of applications.

The multi-functional Aquaveda therapy bed inspires guests, therapists and operators alike.

One spa treatment table can be used for a great number of spa treatments, which results in a signifi cantly higher utilization capacity. The aquaveda therapy table may be used for oil massages and other oil treatments, soap brush massages, traditional massages, vichy showers, as well as hot stone treatments, special wet packs and body peelings.

The most economic approach to purification and relaxation

The aquaveda therapy table (aqua + ayurveda) represents the highlight among your spa equipment, allowing your guests to indulge in the unique experience of well-being. The INVIION® aquaveda therapy bed fi nally shows that not every single treatment has to be carried out in a different room, and that the spa operator does not need to constantly invest in additional special spa equipment.

Oil massages: Essential oils are used for Indian oil massages

Ayurvedic oil treatments: Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment, where oil is poured onto the forehead from a special pot. This has a stimulating effect on the Third Eye, which is said to be the body`s energy centre.

Traditional oil massages: The innovative and ergonomic design of the Aquaveda therapy bed turns the treatment into an agreeable experience for both guest and therapist.

Soap brush massages: The soap brush massage is a delightful experience, offering a number of positive effects to your skin.

Vichy shower: The whole body is stimulated by fi ne water jets. This is a special massage experience which has a stimulating effect on certain energy centres.

Hot stone treatment: Depending on the disorders, heated volcanic rocks are put on certain energy lines (meridians) encouraging the body to heal.

Wet pack treatments: Wet wrap treatments provide the body with active-ingredients which are selected according to the respective needs, having a healthy effect on the body.

Body peelings: The body is rubbed with special granular active-ingredients. This treatment activates the blood circulation and helps to remove dead skin cells.

Advantages for the Operator:

  • Great flexibility as regards to the range of spa services and treatments

  • The wide range of treatments guarantee an enhanced utilization capacity

  • Fast return on investment

  • The modern and neutral design is in line with any given ambiance of a room

  • Flexible integration in the spa concept. May be used as an individual spa treatment or in combination with other treatments (spa ceremony)

  • Very easy to clean – even after wet pack treatments – saving time and money

  • The individual adjustment of the treatment position is very convenient for the therapists

Advantages for the Guest

  • Deep relaxation

  • Helps to solve energy blockage

  • Assists blood circulation

  • Relaxation of the muscles

  • Purifi cation

  • Deep-cleansing skin care

  • Improvement of the flow of energy

  • Alleviation of stress and tension

  • Activation of the metabolism

  • Strengthening effect on tissue and blood vessels

Technical details*

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2320 x 880 x 860 mm

  • Power input / electric: 0.5 kw

  • Power supply: 230V – AC

  • 22mm dia – 0.4 l/sec for each hot and cold water supplies

  • Drainage: drain ø 50mm below the table

  • One fl oor drain on the right and left hand side of the table

  • Available in our standard laminate colours.

*subject to modifications

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