4 Senses Lounger

4 Senses Lounger


A new way to indulge in deep relaxation.

See – Hear – Feel – Smell
Experience a unique, multi-sensory voyage into the world of deep relaxation and well-being, whilst activating the 4 senses.

Lie down – Close your eyes – Let go
The light of the 4 Senses Lounger gives you a sense of security and warmth.
The warm, softly vibrating surface has a soothing effect on the body.
The special sound composition and the gently released fragrance leads to a state of meditation.


Light therapy and change of colours

The illuminated reclining area is equipped with an RGB light changing device which is based on the concept of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The colours are perceptible even with closed eyes.

TCM –water: According to TCM, blue and green are the colours that relate to the element water. The programme is a perfect combination of green and blue lights, soft sounds, fragrance and a softly vibrating surface, this combination encompasses the element water.

TCM – elements: The user may opt for a colour composition that includes the entire spectrum of colour in combination with a relaxing sound.


Sound concept based on TCM

The 25-minute sound concept is based on the knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine stimulating the element water and activating Chi, the energy of life.


Stimulation of the Meridians

The sound concept features membranes that are positioned in a way that allows a stimulation of those meridians that activate Chi, the energy of life.



The holistic experience is intensifi ed by the emission of subtle fragrances in perfect harmony with both light and sound.

Advantages for the Operator:

  • Profitable and extraordinary alternative to conventional relaxation beds

  • Plug in & Relax - easy to install into existing rooms

  • Low staff and operating costs

  • Real added value for the guest, who are prepared to pay extra for the experiences of the 4 Senses Lounger

  • Fast return on investment

  • Promotionally effective eye-catcher

  • Perfect compliment for massages and other spa treatments

  • Increases efficiency in spa treatment area in terms of workflow and occupancy

Advantages for the Guest

  • Holistic relaxation by the stimulation of the four senses

  • Deep relaxation within 25 minutes

  • Very efficient recovery after e.g. a stressful journey

  • Good way to get away from everyday life

  • Perfect compliment for massages and other spa treatments

  • Improvement to the fl ow of energy through stimulation of certain meridians

Technical details* – Plug in & Relax

  • Weight: approx. 70kg

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2050 x 700 x 1087 mm

  • Measures floor panel: 1790 x 695 mm

  • Music: integrated sound programme

  • Power Supply: 230V – AC

  • Power: 0,3kW

  • Power supply: Power outlet or fixed supply

  • Available in our standard laminate colours.

*subject to modifications

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