Foot Reflexology Bath

Foot Reflexology Bath


We will “go” nowhere without our feet.

Our feet are a sensitive and effective point for therapeutic and soothing treatments. The foot reflexology bath represents a highly-efficient therapy and a soothing experience that initiates a number of positive effects on the body.

The ideal combination of relaxation and health prevention
The foot reflexology bath is equipped with six special massage jets, providing 15 minutes of positive stimulation to specific regions of the feet.
The foot reflexology bath may be used as an independent foot refl exology therapy or in combination with other spa treatments.
The foot reflexology therapy can be combined with special aromatherapy oils which are applied in order to care and protect the skin.

Three different therapy programmes:

You can choose from three different reflexology programmes, each of which lasts fifteen minutes: Stimulating, vitalising and relaxing. Each programme has different foot reflexology intensity, a combination of fragrances and visual effects.

Aromatherapy & colour light therapy:

  • The water is enriched with essential oils which emit a pleasant fragrance and have a caring effect on the skin.

  • The multicoloured LED lights are refl ected in the water, creating a spectacular visual effect thereby contributing to the soothing effect of the spa treatment.

Automatic change of water:
We give top priority to hygiene. Each treatment is followed by a fully automatic change of water. An extensive disinfection of the foot reflexology basin is carried out automatically once a day.

Innovative technology and modern design:
The reflexology bath features especially designed moulds which are based on the knowledge of a Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bath guarantees an ideal foot reflexology treatment for your guests, The modern oval shape can be integrated into all types of rooms. The foot reflexology bath caters for the guest with shoe sizes from 5 to 12.

Advantages for the Operator:

  • The foot reflexology bath may either be used as a single treatment or in combination with a ceremonial spa treatment. This guarantees high capacity use.

  • Due to the effect of preventative health care and vitalisation the treatment will achieve a higher selling price.

  • The foot reflexology bath can also be installed in small areas, which are unable to be used for other spa equipment (e.g. niches, aisles).

  • Plug in & use installation, preconditions: power supply, water inlet, and drain pipe – no tiling necessary.

  • The new foot reflexology bath can easily be installed in existing spa areas/rooms.

  • Foot reflexology baths represent spa equipment that is both popular and easy to use.

  • The foot refl exology basin is a promotionally effective eye-catching and current design object. We offer a wide selection of colours.

Advantages for the Guest

  • The reflexology treatment has a harmonising, balancing and strengthening effect on the following parts of the body: Small intestine, stomach, pancreas, liver, heart.

  • Three different foot reflexology programmes, a variety of skin caring essential oils, guarantee a perfect vitalisation to the guest’s feet.

  • The energy-saving LCD colour programme is integrated into the bath, creating a unique ambiance.

  • Outstanding hygienic conditions

  • Ultimate comfort through ergonomic design

Technical details*

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1197 x 634 x 420 mm

  • Empty weight: approx. 40kg

  • Water capacity: approx. 20l

  • Water supply: 22mm dia 0.4l/sec at 3.5 bar

  • Power input: 0.7 kw

  • Power supply: 230 V –AC

  • Power supply: Fixed supply beneath the basin

  • Drainage: drain ø 50mm below the bath

  • In addition, a minimum of one fl oor drain close to the bath

Available in our standard laminate colours.

*subject to modifications

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