Holistic Cocooning

Holistic Cocooning


See – Hear – Feel – SmellHolistic Cocooning, is the concept of a holistic treatment stimulating the four senses. It has been infl uenced by scientifi c medicine, TCM and our expertise in spa treatments.

The concept of Holistic Cocooning is based on the Teaching of the Four Temperaments. Depending on his or her individuality and the respective situation, each person is a mixture of these temperaments. An analysis of more than 40 questions will determine the guest`s current emotional condition, which provides the basis for their personal treatment ceremony.

This individual treatment includes a personal colour and aroma therapy, an especially composed concept of lights and sounds based on TCM, along with a healthy wet pack treatment.

A treatment bed that appears to breathe
In order to achieve a state of deep relaxation, we use a special medical device to stimulate the guest`s respiratory rhythm. During the treatment the air-fi lled relaxation bed sways gently, allowing the guest to reduce his respiratory rhythm. This holistic concept guarantees a sensation of perfect relaxation and vitality.

Therapy concept based on the teaching of the four temperaments:
A comprehensive analysis determines the current emotional condition and character of the guest. The 25-minute therapy programme includes an especially composed three-dimensional sound concept, a matching light and aroma therapy, along with especially developed visual effects. This unique and holistic concept encourages positive emotions and appeases negative emotions.

Wet pack & body wrap treatment:
A selection of five high-quality wet packs and body wraps allows for a wide variety of treatments. In contrast to the conventional spa treatment bed where the guest usually lies in a low, narrow position, the Holistic Cocooning Bed features a very comfortable, easy to clean area for reclining. According to the respective treatment, the reclining area may be heated or cooled. You can offer a particular treatment using a special foil that is wrapped around the body. The firmness of the reclining area may be adjusted to the respective needs.

State of deep relaxation with the respiratory rhythm device:
A special medical device that has an influence on the respiratory rhythm enables the guest to reach a state of deep relaxation. The warm, air-filled reclining area features a rhythm device that reduces the guest`s respiratory rhythm from the usual rate of twelve breaths per minute, to ten, or in some cases eight breaths.

The holistic cocooning room concept:
The Holistic Cocooning room concept can either be integrated within existing rooms or installed into a new building. The Holistic Cocooning room creates an even more intense perception of visual and sound effects, over a normal spa room.

Advantages for the operator:

  • Holistic Cocooning involves a significant increase in turnover – with one single treatment you can double, even triple the turnover of a traditional massage

  • Holistic Cocooning as a profit centre – If the room has a capacity utilization of forty per cent, the return on investment will be achieved in only six months.

  • Thanks to its multifunctional application, Holistic Cocooning offers a wide range of services and enormous fl exibility as regards to the combination of treatments.

  • Efficient labour utilization due to easy operation and multifunctional use

  • Significant reduction of costs due to efficient energy management

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Space-saving – fits in most conventional spa treatment rooms

  • Holistic Cocooning represents a strong USP

  • Holistic Cocooning is the perfect completion to a spa suite

Advantages for the guest:

  • The Teaching of the temperaments helps the guest to recover their mental balance.

  • The reduction of the respiratory rhythm will result in a state of deep relaxation.

  • Wet packs and body wraps have the following positive effects: purification of the body, cleansing and tightening of the skin, stimulation of cell production, relaxation of the muscles.

  • Degree of firmness and temperature of the spa treatment bed can be adjusted to the respective needs.

  • The guest can enjoy the treatments (especially wet packs) in a comfortable position, as the Holistic Cocooning bed is wider than a conventional wet pack bed.

  • The entire Holistic Cocooning treatment is a unique experience that stimulates the senses.

  • Holistic Cocooning has a sustainable positive effect on body, mind and soul.

Technical Details*:

  • Weight: 80kg

  • Power supply: 230V – AC

  • Power: 1kW

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2300 x 1000 x 600 mm

  • Hot and cold water supplies (1.5“)

  • Drainage: drain ø 50mm below the table

  • One floor drain on the right and left hand side of the table

Available in our standard laminate colours.

* Subject to modifications

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