Heated Lounger

Heated Lounger


Take your place on the INVIION® Heated Lounger and enjoy the comfortable feeling of soft radiant warmth directly on your body. For millions of years every organism on Earth has depended on the warmth of the sun. The radiant warmth of the heated lounger feels similarly beneficial. Muscular tension and cramps are relieved, rheumatic pains are alleviated. Soft radiant warmth brings harmony to your entire being. Ambient music deepens the sense of total relaxation.

Modern design combined with total comfort
The INVIION® Heated Lounger does not only impress due to its health-giving radiant heat. Smart construction using glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material means it is also extremely slim. This, together with the use of soft curves, achieves a contemporary effect.

Ambient LED lighting adds an additional dimension to the sense of well-being, both on the lounger and in the surrounding area. The ergonomic form of the “Relax Lounger” invites the guest to linger.

Maintenance-free, quick and simple installation
With the Heated Lounger, no ongoing maintenance is necessary. Cleaning is very simple due to its construction from smooth synthetic material. The subtle inclination of the surface means that water flows outwards. Installing the Heated Lounger is child’s play and requires only connection to a power supply.Unbeatable economy
Efficient construction and high-quality materials with effective heat storage means economy of operation. Due to the Plug in & Relax installation, no further technical or monetary investment is necessary.

Individuality counts

There are no limits to flexibility in the choice of colours, surface materials and surface designs. Extensive testing was carried out in our internal research centre to develop a Heated Lounger that provides a high level of comfort for people of different body shapes.

Advantages to operator:

  • Design orientated Heated Lounger with ambient LED lighting effect

  • Economy through use of effective heat storing materials and energy efficient operation

  • Heated Lounger with healthy radiant heat

  • Highest level of comfort due to the ergonomic design

  • Plug in and Relax installation

  • Easy to clean due to construction from smooth glass-fi bre reinforced synthetic material

  • No maintenance of the Heated Lounger necessary

  • Selection of different colours of Lounger and surface materials available

  • Selection of different surface designs available

Advantages to guest:

  • Comfortable and soothing radiant heat

  • Effective relief for a multitude of complaints

  • A sense of wellbeing and total harmony

  • Highest level of comfort due to the ergonomic design

Technical Details*:

  • Plug in & Relax Installation

  • Weight: approx. 70kg

  • Power supply: 230V – AC

  • Power input: 0.8kW

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1820 x 680 x 898 mm

Available in our standard laminate colours.

*Subject to modifications

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