Tailor-made Saunas

Tailor-made Saunas


Your dreams come true.

At Auroom, we are able to offer exquisite tailor-made options, be it a sauna for private or public purposes. Using the latest technologies, our capable designers, technologists and craftsmen are happy to master even the most sophisticated projects. Tailor-made saunas and special solutions are our strengths.

We know wood and its properties. We know how to plane, glue, bend and paint it – whatever is needed to serve great designs. A large range of profiles is available directly from our factories. In addition to the local Nordic wood species, we process many other types of timber to offer a wider selection of sizes, colors and patterns.

Auroom saunas are made of the finest wood available and our thermo-treatment facilities raise its qualities to an even higher level. As well as the practical value, the heat-treatment offers great visual effects: the charming brownish color can be lighter or darker depending on the wood type and heating procedure. There is also brushing, a finish that beautifully highlights the texture of the wood.

The use of painted wood creates another range of options for designing a sauna room. In Nordic countries, the combination of pure black and white colors is increasingly popular; however, there are alternative tones available to let your fantasy take flight.

We are here to listen to your necessities. Tell us your vision and we will help you make it a reality.

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These saunas are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, hotel room, spa or gym – just about anywhere. The exterior walls, with their attractive cladding, allow the sauna to be placed even in the middle of a room, where the self-confident style and golden colour will stand out even more.

The sauna selection includes specially designed additional lighting, seating and more, giving the prospective owner the opportunity to customise the sauna so that it is perfect for them, with a feel to it that suits their tastes. The end result is easy on the eye, enjoyable for the body and calming for the soul.

Everything here is at the service of the customer. Thanks to its novel fastening solutions, Auroom is also easy to install. Every aspect of the technology originates from Europe’s leading manufacturers.