Aroma set

Aroma set


a' 15 ml

100% natural essential oils. 5 scents: Eucalyptus, Juniper, Pine, Orange, Lemon.

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These saunas are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, hotel room, spa or gym – just about anywhere. The exterior walls, with their attractive cladding, allow the sauna to be placed even in the middle of a room, where the self-confident style and golden colour will stand out even more.

The sauna selection includes specially designed additional lighting, seating and more, giving the prospective owner the opportunity to customise the sauna so that it is perfect for them, with a feel to it that suits their tastes. The end result is easy on the eye, enjoyable for the body and calming for the soul.

Everything here is at the service of the customer. Thanks to its novel fastening solutions, Auroom is also easy to install. Every aspect of the technology originates from Europe’s leading manufacturers.