Built-in Spa

Built-in Spa


Built-in hot tubs: maximum integration in their environment

Built-in Spas is the Aquavia Spa range of built-in hot tubs for private use, created for users looking for a hydromassage tub without a cabinet and with a separate filtration system, outside the structure but with the maximum guarantee.

They have been specifically designed for use without cabinets, are robust and resistant to the elements and adverse weather conditions and are a great choice as complements to swimming pools and domestic wellness spaces (such as saunas or steam rooms).

The hot tubs in this collection include acrylic or mosaic finishes, depending on the model, as well as technical filtration equipment (sand filter, separate pump), massage pumps and electric water heating. The equipment includes an operating cabinet for the control of each element.

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Made in Barcelona design, constant innovation and a full quality guarantee are three cornerstones of Aquavia Spa, a hot tub manufacturer with 30 years of success. We remain committed to manufacturing our own hot tubs, bucking the global trend of offshoring.

We conceptualise, design, manufacture, test, and market our hot tubs in a process that can turn around completely customised orders in under three weeks. This is possible thanks to strict scheduling (based on LEAN processes), but also thanks to the reliability of a highly-qualified and experienced team of professionals.

Aquavia Spa manufactures hot tubs for private and public use, and hydromassage tubs for any type or intensity of use, but one thing they all have in common is a focus on exclusivity and top features. Over 2,000 hot tubs and swimspas are produced each year in our modern, 5,000 square metre hot tub factory and sold in 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.