History and Reason to Choose

The leading hot tub and hydromassage tub manufacturer in Europe. Made in Barcelona design, constant innovation and a full quality guarantee are three cornerstones of Aquavia Spa, a hot tub manufacturer with 30 years of success. We remain committed to manufacturing our own hot tubs, bucking the global trend of offshoring.

Reasons to Choose Aquavia :

  1. Designed, produced and marketed exclusively in Barcelona, Aquavia hot tubs are leaders in quality, functionality and technical reliability.

  2. Aquavia Spa manufactures hot tubs for private and public use, and hydromassage tubs for any type or intensity of use, but one thing they all have in common is a focus on exclusivity and top features.

  3. The internationalization of this brand has been key in making Aquavia Spa the current European leader in hot tub manufacturing.




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