With room for up to five adults, the Marin® spa maximizes comfort and hydrotherapy through seats thoughtfully designed around people. This 880™ Series model has the best of everything and more, including a spacious lounge seat and a dual-purpose beverage concierge filter lid that makes it easy for everyone in your family to enjoy your spa.

  • Patented Fluidix® Jets deliver exactly the massage your need, whether you’re looking to indulge in soft, skin soothing bubbles and aromatherapy or adjustable, deep tissue relief.

  • A spacious lounge seat delivers a comfortable head-to-toe hydromassage.

  • The deep, full-body immersion Accu-Ssage™ Therapy seat is a customer favorite.

  • A unique, lounge-adjacent seat is positioned to allow you to sit intimately side-by-side.

  • A textured reflexology foot well adds a gentle reflexology element for head-to-toe relief while adding an element of safety to this non-slip tread design.


  • Up to 10 patented Fluidix® jet varieties

  • Accu-Ssage™ therapy seats

  • Specialty Silent Air® injector jets

Water Care

  • MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System

  • Slipstream™ skimmer

  • CLEARRAY® UV-C technology


  • i-Touch™ control with color screen

  • Integrated LED lighting with external indicator light

  • Premium metallic, illuminated accents

  • Quick release door for easy equipment access

  • Synthetic base

  • Illuminated grab bars

  • Quick drain

  • SunScents™ aromatherapy (scents sold separately)


  • Factory-installed CLEARRAY® PRO3TECT™ automatic oxidizer (optional)

  • Exterior lighting (optional)

  • Integrated Bluewave® stereo (optional)

  • SunSmart® 2.0 WiFi kit (optional)

  • Ecowrap® (optional)

880™ Series

See why more Sundance® spa owners buy again and again. We didn’t invent the first outdoor spa, but we’ve made it better. That’s why we’ve given the 880™ Series the best of everything.

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