The new massage bed by ISO Benessere Line for SPA treatments and massages is able to stand out for its essential and elegant design, a high level of comfort and a suspension effect on colored light that creates an exciting atmosphere throughout the cabin. The high comfort of PHYSYS is guaranteed by the large size and the softness of the multilayer mattress of 10 cm, as well as by the adjustment of the positions of the bed. The height is totally  djustable by means of two engines and a pedal board, to help the treatment operations and the ascent-descent of the customer.

The backrest, and the lifting of the legs are manually adjustable. The heating system of the entire mattress ensures a further pleasant feeling of relaxation. The structure and composition of PHYSYS make maintenance and cleaning quick and easy. The face hole increases the comfort of the client in a prone position who can completely relax muscles of the shoulders and neck.

The RGB LED illuminated wooden base gives the customer a real sensation of being suspended in the light. The advanced chromotherapy system of PHYSYS is able to fill the cabin with an atmosphere full of emotional touch. Eventually, a convenient storage compartment with an electrical outlet inside, will allow the connection to other equipments.

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  • Chromotherapy

  • Digital Remote Control


  • Heat Control