Designer Collection

Designer Collection


Simple elegance. Sophisticated engineering. Exquisite choices. The Jason Designer Collection sets the standard high for luxury bath design and state-of-theart hydrotherapy. The collection’s broad range of shapes, sizes, colors and features means you can find the ideal bath for your space and style.

The Designer Collection offers an array of hydrotherapy options: Soaking, MicroSilk®, AirMasseur® and Whirlpool. Also available in combination hydrotherapies including MicroSilk®-AirMasseur®, MicroSilk®-Whirlpool and Air-Whirlpool.

Choose from Standard, Premier and Signature packages which allow you to create your own unique bath experience. While each Designer product is tailored to your needs, they all share one thing everyone appreciates — pure comfort.


  • Quiet Design Engineering

  • Ergnomic design/ideal well depth

  • Sani-Design technology

  • Flow-adjustable, directional jets on Whirlpool baths

  • One flow-adjustable, rotating, Ultrassage back jet on Whirlpool baths

  • Two flow-adjustable foot jets on end drain, Whirlpool baths

  • Level-Form base for easy installation

  • Standard, Signature and Premier Edition systems

  • Overflow and Drain (Included)

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Jason International, founded by Remo Jacuzzi and his family, designs Soaking, MicroSilk®, AirMasseur®, Whirlpool and combination hydrotherapy baths that have helped people enjoy healthier lifestyles since 1982.

Daily bathing, as Jason hydrotherapy makes it possible, is a delightful and essential part of your health and wellness routine. Through our Jacuzzi family heritage and well trained hydrotherapy experts, we engineer and build baths in North Little Rock, AR U.S.A. that deliver the most rewarding bathing experience; for the mind, body and spirit.