Impression i110/c

Impression i110/c


Within a minimal space of less than 1.3 m2, Tylö has created a home spa solution for corner installation that incorporates both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into even a small bathroom. The steam bath is a gentler experience. The atmospheric humidity inside reaches 100%, yet the temperature is only 40-45 °C, inviting you to relax a little longer.

Tylö’s steam bath with shower in the Impression range is now available with a floor tray. The structure is made entirely of cast marble, an extremely stable material with a surface finish that ensures good water run-off.

Tylö Impression i110/ is built around the same unique profile system as other steam baths with showers in Tylö’s Impression series. It is madecompletely of aluminium, glass and high-gloss acrylic.

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From TylöHelo
TylöHelo, the world’s leading sauna and steam manufacturer. Ever since challenges in 1951, the company, which soon was named Tylö, has remained in Sweden where it has grown over the years. The portfolio has grown with it and is now a complete range of state-of-the-art wellness products based on tradition and heritage, but is continuously adapted to follow the demands of its customers.