Steam bath without limits. A luxurious steam room raises the standard in any public bathing facility. Tylö Excellent has been designed primarily for professional use, but smaller models can also be a dream solution at home. Tylö Excellent is available in many sizes, from versions for just four bathers to magnificent steam rooms that cater for more than 50 guests in comfort.

Tylö’s Excellent is made of high-tech, vacuum- formed, special-grade white plastic for a sturdy, steamtight construction. Supplied in ready-to-assemble wall and ceiling sections with interior fittings consisting of wide, comfortable benches in white lacquered aluminium. The door is made of tinted, tempered safety glass with a sturdy white lacquered frame and aluminium handle. Air outlet vent and assembly hardware included.

Item numbers for sizes can be found in the applicable price list. Exterior height 2070 mm. The ashed lines show the roof extension. The rooms can be extended further in the direction of the arrow. For other dimensions and designs, please contact us for a quote. Glass wall sections and service walls are available in widths 588 and 778 mm. They can replace sections in Excellent steam rooms at no additional charge.

EXCELLENT 8FL Item no. 9609 1116
EXCELLENT 12FL Item no. 9609 1118
EXCELLENT 14FL Item no. 9609 1120
EXCELLENT 16FL Item no. 9609 1122
EXCELLENT 12EL Item no. 9609 1130
EXCELLENT 16EL Item no. 9609 1132
EXCELLENT 18EL Item no. 9609 1134

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TylöHelo, the world’s leading sauna and steam manufacturer. Ever since challenges in 1951, the company, which soon was named Tylö, has remained in Sweden where it has grown over the years. The portfolio has grown with it and is now a complete range of state-of-the-art wellness products based on tradition and heritage, but is continuously adapted to follow the demands of its customers.