EIS-Tower Slimline

With integrated flake ice maker, a space-saving wonder, for installation in guest area, viewable sites cladded with structural panels prepared for further cladding provided by customers, stand-by automatic, castors, easily to install, great variety of shapes available, for example in triangular or square outline, with different capacities, water cooled available.

H x leg length triangle shape ONLY:
about  120 x 42 cm (Type 22) or 51 cm (Type 33)

H x W x D square shape ONLY: 
about  120 x  40 x 30 cm

  • Type 22: Production of flake ice about 120 kg (240 l) / 24h*

  • Type 33: Production of flake ice about 200 kg (400 l) / 24h*

* in dependence of water and air temperature

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