Customised Sauna Room

Customised Sauna Room


Time for yourself, a personal oasis. Our exclusive sauna rooms have made Tylö a synonym for quality among sauna enthusiasts the world over. Treat yourself to a sauna room when building or renovating your bathroom. There is often enough space – you only need a few square metres. We have many different models for you to choose from, in various sizes and designs. If you require specific dimensions or an unusual design, our skilled experts are here to help you.

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From TylöHelo
TylöHelo, the world’s leading sauna and steam manufacturer. Ever since challenges in 1951, the company, which soon was named Tylö, has remained in Sweden where it has grown over the years. The portfolio has grown with it and is now a complete range of state-of-the-art wellness products based on tradition and heritage, but is continuously adapted to follow the demands of its customers.