At Aquawater, we provide services with commercial and personal entities around the region to deliver on the idea that every person in every place should have perfect water.


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Filtration System

From commercial to residential solutions, FilterPure Systems, Inc. offers a complete range of water filtration systems. We provide the individual filtering components, along with the filters, accessories and replacement parts to keep even the most complex system running perfectly.

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Filter Housing

Filter Housing offer reinforced polypropylene construction, thick walls, and leak-proof sealing, which make them appropriate for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Filter Pure Systems, Inc., is proud to offer our customers this excellent line of filter housings to our customers at market-competitive prices.

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Filtration Replacement

Even the lowest-maintenance system requires some upkeep, although it often only needs the occasional replacement filter to run at optimum condition. These replacement filters represent a small yet significant investment in health and safety. Over time, filters can degrade, growing more porous or reaching their maximum absorption. As this occurs, particles may begin to pass through the filter. Regular cartridge replacement ensures that the filtered water supply remains free of contaminants such as metals, chemicals, or other toxins. Let FilterPure Systems, Inc. provide you the necessary Replacement Cartridges to keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

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Reverse Osmosis

Commercial and residential settings often have special water filtration needs. FilterPure Systems, Inc. addresses these needs with commercial and residential Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems, which allow for a simple and effective way to save money while receiving a consistently high quality water. Reverse Osmosis is a scientifically proven technique for removing a variety of contaminants, including sediment, bacteria, and parasitic cysts. These systems pressurize the unfiltered water to allow water molecules to travel through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows only pure water molecules to pass through, filtering out larger particles like chemicals, toxins, and metals.

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Water Boost Pump

Filter Pure stocks SHURflo Maxi Boost Pump Systems which Increase flow and pressure to carbonated and non-carbonated soda valves for consistent drink quality.These pumps maximize filter life on filtration systems. Systems feature SHURflo 8025-8095 series pumps.Replaceable bladder for maximum system life and simple maintenance. Self priming pump can run dry without damage. Eliminates pulsation at dispenser valve resulting in more accurate brix ratio and maximum syrup utilization. Low profile allows for under counter installation.Rigid stainless steel tanks, systems are complete turn-key packages with quick connect fittings. NSF Certified. Low water pressure creating problems with your system, call us at 852-2899 2278.

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Water Softener Filter

If hard water is the problem a Water Softener just might be the solution. A water softener replaces excessive calcium and magnesium ions in your water with sodium ions, which lack the ill effects of other minerals. In the shower, hard water creates a film of soap scum over your skin, which may prevent dirt and bacteria from being cleaned from your body. In the laundry room, hard water renders clothes dirty to the eye and scratchy to the skin. And in the pipes running to these areas, hard water causes scale buildup and can limit water flow and clog pipes entirely. Filter Pure stocks Pentair and Hydrotech water softeners and water softening filter cartridges. It is always best to start with a water sample to know just what the water hardness causing your water problem is, (measured in grains per gallon). Have a water test and need a solution or don’t have a water test and need one? Call our Customer Service Team at 852-2899 2278.


DROP Purification systems

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