....Design & Construction of Sauna and Sanitary facilities for Parc City..「全•城匯PARC CITY」桑拿房設施的設計與施工....



The latest design and construction of the sauna and sanitary equipment specialist KS Aqua Engineering Co., Ltd(the “KS Aqua”), the site is located at the Tsuen Wan West Station. The large commercial residence "TW5 PARC CITY" with a luxury private clubhouse, which including a salt brick sauna room, the supply and installation is completed and delivery as scheduled by KS Aqua.

The sauna equipment system and configuration of the “TW5 PARC CITY” luxury clubhouse are all exclusive to the world's top sauna equipment, which equipped in Sweden branding named“TYLO‘’, the wall is built with natural salt bricks from The Himalayas(喜馬拉雅山)(there are 3.5 meters in length which is exclusive in Hong Kong with full of luxury up to date), KS Aqua work together with the designer DCB Holdings creating a unique artwork for our valued customers. The user can enjoy in a high-end, stylish and healthy sauna environment.

The “TW5 PARC CITY” luxury private club sauna project is professionally designed, professional equipment system configuration, professional installation and construction, all carefully constructed and managed by our specialized team and engineering professional team. The project was highly praised by the owner (Chinachem Group and MTR Group), the main contractor (Gammon Construction Limited), the designer DCB Holdings Limited, and the clubhouse and property management company, they have highly recognized the quality of our sauna room. We hope we can continue our cooperation in the future.

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由桑拿衛浴設備專家「工商帝雅水療工程有限公司」最新設計及承建,位於荃灣西站,大型商住宅「全•城匯PARC CITY」豪華私人會所,乾蒸鹽磚桑拿房,安裝如期竣工並交付使用。

「全•城匯PARC CITY」豪華會所桑拿設備系統及配置,均採用本公司獨家代理世界頂級桑拿設備,瑞典TYLO 品牌,採用來自喜馬拉雅山脈,天然鹽磚作為牆壁背景(全長3.5米,為全港獨家,盡顯高貴奢華),為尊貴客戶打造獨一無二,高端、氣派而健康的桑拿享受。

「全•城匯PARC CITY」豪華私人會所桑拿房項目,由專業設計、專業設備系統配置、專業安裝施工,均由本公司專案小組及工程專業團隊,精心打造和管理。本工程項目得到業主方(華懋集團及香港鐵路),總承判商(金門),設計公司DCB Holdings Limited以及會所及場地管理方的大力讚賞,對工商桑拿房的品質出品高度認可,並期盼日後繼續合作。


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