....Interview with Stenal's Manager at the KS Aqua Showroom..在KS Aqua展廳採訪Stenal的經理....


We are so glad to invite Stenal’s Asian Development Manager; Mr. Martino to our showroom for an interview today. 

Stenal s.r.l. is a company founded in 1980 by Ing. R. Stevanato in Abano Terme, a renowed thermal district near Padua (PD) in north east of Italy. Their products are entirely Italian-made and are manufactured in house, ensuring a direct connection between the customer and the producer, a distinguishing factor that sets us apart form our competitors.

Stenal has now become a primary reference for the sauna, steam bath, experience showers and all kind of equipment for wellness market thanks to a persistent focus on quality, great attention to details and accurate control of the entire supply chain. Mr. Martino has showed his  confidence in the new formation of strong business partnership with KS Aqua.

“KS aqua is very strong and reliable partner for us in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland. We share a Long history and the high quality of products and services.” - Mr. Martino, Stenal’s Asian Development Manager.

It is our pleasure to have such well-developed Italian brand to be our partners. We believe that with the help of Stenal, the Spa specialist, our company will provide excellent high-end sauna and spa products and design for our dearest customers. We look forward to a close cooperate relationship with Stenal.



Stenal s.r.l.是一家由Ing。於1980年創立的公司。 R. Stevanato位於意大利東北部帕多瓦(PD)附近的熱帶地區阿巴諾泰爾梅。他們的產品完全是意大利製造,並在內部製造,確保了客戶和生產商之間的直接聯繫,這是我們與競爭對手區別開來的一個顯著因素。

“KS aqua是我們在香港,澳門和內地的強大而可靠的合作夥伴。我們擁有悠久的歷史和高品質的產品和服務。“ - 馬蒂諾先生,Stenal的亞洲發展經理。