Soft Sauna - The multi-disciplined sauna

Image Credit: Tylo

The Soft Sauna experience has been developed with families and togetherness in mind. Soft Sauna versatility means outstanding possibilities for individually tuned sauna experiences.


Set your temperature, your moisture, your experience

Soft Sauna picks up where traditional saunas leave off. You may prefer a hot, dry and quick sauna, your family might like to linger in mild temperatures, enjoying gentle steam and aromatic fragrances. Soft Sauna gives you the resources of a professional spa from one sauna heater solution.

Soft sauna with sense Combi heater - The soft sauna heater

Sense Combi is one of our most versatile heaters and one that perfects the sauna experience for the whole family without losing the possibility for an individually tuned Soft Sauna experience.


Different Bathing Forms: