....Interview of Primemax (Asia representative of Jason); Stenal's Asia Sales Manager and the Executive Director of KS Aqua..採訪Jacuzzi Jason的Primemax董事總經理(Jason的亞洲代表); Stenal的亞洲銷售經理和KS Aqua的執行董事。....



A.W.Yong, Managing Director of Primemax, whose very particular of the features of Jason’s product, and also the unique part of the product. Martino Criveller, the Asia Sales Manager of Stenal. Stenel is capable of planning custom solutions for all wellness centers with the latest technology and the style and elegance of Italian design.

Vivian Chen, the Executive Director of KS Aqua. KS Aqua is a premium spa, bath and sauna product specialist based in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Over 40 years, for what we provide, are only the world-class brand package for the wellness equipment to our customers.


Primemax董事總經理A.W.Yong,他非常注重Jason產品的特性,也是該產品的獨特部分。 Stenal亞洲銷售經理Martino Criveller。 Stenel能夠為所有健康中心規劃定制解決方案,採用最新技術以及意大利設計的風格和優雅。

Vivian Chen,KS Aqua執行董事。 KS Aqua是一家位於香港,澳門和中國大陸的優質水療,沐浴和桑拿產品專家。 40多年來,我們提供的產品只是為客戶提供健康設備的世界級品牌包裝。