....KS Aqua's Business reveal & Sales forecast meeting with TYLO..Aqua與TYLO的銷售預測會議....



The Swedish giant in Sauna, Steam and Bath industry,Tylö, Managing Director, Mr. Anders Dahl, has paid a visit to KS Aqua Engineering Co. Ltd. The two companies have conducted a very constructive meeting in the corporate office.

KS Aqua Holdings Ms. Vivian Chen (Executive Director), together with Mr. Michael HO (Channel & Sales Manager), have taken the host to Mr. Dahl. The company profile, history, business and the forecast of the coming year 2017 were presented to Mr. Dahl.


瑞典桑拿,蒸汽和衛浴行業巨頭Tylö,董事總經理Anders Dahl先生訪問了KS Aqua Engineering Co. Ltd.兩家公司在公司辦公室舉行了非常有建設性的會議。

帝雅集團執行董事Vivian Chen 與渠道及銷售經理等一同7人接待了來自瑞典TYLO的CEO首席行政總裁Dahl先生。他們向Dahl先生詳盡介紹了公司目前業務發展情況,集團的歷史以及未來新發展業務簡介,同時Vivian Chen 預測了2017年的銷售市場會非常火爆。