History and Reason to Choose

ACRILAN S.A. was founded in 1980 as a small size productive unit from Mr Theodoros Tsakiris. In 1985 the seat of company is transported to Halkidona, close to Thessaloniki, in privately-owned installations of 40000m2 (6000m2 covered), where until today are accommodated the production department, deposits, offices and administration. Our company having a multiannual and specified experience, manufactures acrylic bathtubs, hydromassage systems and shower trays, using as raw material only cast acrylic sheet that covers all the specifications and safety requirements of U.E. ACRILAN company has dedicated its experience and potential, to the transformation of water into a mean of enjoyment and well-being. The continuous development of techniques and equipment constitutes a strong foundation for the future.

Reasons to Choose Acrilan:

  1. Consider the bathroom as a multifunctional room, made for personal wellness and relaxation moments

  2. Evolve own designs constantly and propose solutions of high aesthetics

  3. Develop production process with the most updated technology and create the bathroom of the future




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Catalogue: 2013 Acrilan Elegance