Excellent Service, Durable and High-Quality Product

This is the second time that I used KS products. Although the price is rather higher than other suppliers, the quality of work and wood materials used are higher than others. We have changed to use other suppliers due to the cost. However, comparing the quality of work, it is not durable and we have to reconstruct the sauna room after 3 years. Therefore, we choose KS again, which give us more confidence in use.
— Mr. Rav Li, Hotel Senior Purchasing Manager

Good Maintenance Service, Patient in Checking Every Corner

Joined the maintenance plan for regular checking and maintenance for the sauna room and steam room. Technicians are very professional and attentive. Good service provided.
— Mr. Rick Hiu, Club House Manager

Experienced, Good Service and High Quality of Product

Visited showroom to help my client choose a steam room, sales are very experienced and knowledgeable in explaining us each model and brand. They are patient in answering my questions. The showroom environment was good and let me fell relax. Professional advice helps me to choose a suitable steam room which my client liked it very much. Thanks to KS Aqua.
— Ms. Eva Chu, In-house designer

Trustworthy & Reliable Supplier

Delivery on time and provide good support for installation and maintenance. Feeling satisfactory for the construction arrangement. Engineering and Construction is done in time with good quality work.
— Mr. David Chan, Project Manager

Great Experience

Staff are nice and answer my questions in a good manner, quick response and detail explanation for each product brand. Good follow-up and after sales service. For example, teaching us in using the product in a correct way.
— Ms. Fiona Chung, Property Owner