Ray Plus

Ray Plus


High-quality fittings, thermostatic mixer and flexible handshower to rediscover all the pleasure of a luxury wellness experience: all this is Ray Plus, the evolution of Stenal's experience shower line.

Cold Mist
An imperceptible veil of cold water aromatised with fresh notes of Mint essence and illuminated by deeply relaxing blue light.

Rain Shower
A jet of water controlled by a mixer that adjusts its intensity, duration and temperature. Accompanied by a pleasant white “light-fall” effect.

Tropical Shower
Large drops of warm water synchronised with orange light and aromatised with tropical citrus fragrances.

Flexible Hand Shower
Top quality fittings and fixtures, thermostatic mixer and flexible hand shower to rediscover the pleasure of a wellness experience worthy of a luxury SPA.

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Stenal technologies for water effects are designed to transform the professional wellness center and the home spa into a multi-functional space where you can enjoy the aroma of balsamic essences, hydro-massage and sophisticated lighting effects. Water jets at different temperatures and the application of ice on the skin after the sauna or steam bath, tone up the body and stimulate blood circulation and have a revitalising effect; an indispensable feature along the wellness path of the spa.