Medical line

A multi-sector examination chair/table designed specifically for diagnostic examinations, check-ups, dermatology, cosmetic medicine, minor outpatient surgery, pharmacy use and dentistry, complete with 4 independent and electrically-commanded height, backrest, leg rest, and trendelenburg adjustments, an electrically-operated and synchronized backrest/leg rest movement, one manually-controlled headrest tilt function, and even an automatic reset command that brings the table back to its original position. The headrest features a convenient height and tilt adjustment mechanism, while the structure's elegant ABS casing guarantees maximum safety by protecting the internal components against contact with liquids. This examination chair /table features four continuously-adjustable 24V DC electric motors, with upholstering available in 27 different colours.

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Structure 10 years
Motors and controls 2 years
Padding 5 years
Heating 1 year