Impression Twin (Sauna + Steam)

Impression Twin (Sauna + Steam)


Combined sauna and steam shower offering unique relaxation options. The design and materials exude a palpable feeling of luxury. The perfect way to relax after a workout session is to combine a sauna and steam shower. Impression Twin really gives you the best of both worlds.

Walls, glass sections and doors can be assembled in a variety of ways to suit your bathroom layout. All interior fittings – except for the sauna heater – can be placed where you wish.

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From TylöHelo
TylöHelo, the world’s leading sauna and steam manufacturer. Ever since challenges in 1951, the company, which soon was named Tylö, has remained in Sweden where it has grown over the years. The portfolio has grown with it and is now a complete range of state-of-the-art wellness products based on tradition and heritage, but is continuously adapted to follow the demands of its customers.